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Bill Ackman Net Worth 2021, Salary, Bio

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Celebrity Name: Bill Ackman
Real Name:William Albert Ackman
Date Of Birth:11 May, 1966
Age:55 years old
Country of origin:New York, United States
Profession:Investor, Hedge Fund Manager, Philanthropist
Marital Status:Married
Net Worth in 2021:$2 Billion

Bill Ackman Net Worth

Bill Ackman is a famous investor, head fund manager, and philanthropist. Bill Ackman is the founder and CEO of a hedge fund management company called Pershing Square Capital Management. 

Bill Ackman’s net worth is $2 billion.

Bill is better known for his investment style, he is an activist investor (an activist investor uses his equity stake in the company to put pressure on its management).  Bill’s investment style has been praised and criticized by various retail investors, head fund managers, and the general public. His investment style was reported in a documentary film Betting on Zero.

Bill said that he likes and admires short sellers. 

Early Life

Bill Ackman’s real name is William Albert Ackman. Bill was born on 11 May 1966 to Ronnie I and Lawrence D. Ackman, in Chappaqua, New York. he completed his bachelor’s of arts degree Magna Cum laude in social studies from Harvard Business school. He also completed his MBA from Harvard Business School.


After his graduation in 1992, Bill and his classmate David P. Berkowitz founded Gotham partners. The Gautam partners were small investment firms that invest in public companies. In 1995 bill partnered with insurance and real estate company Leucadia National to bid for Rockefeller center (a large complex consisting of 19 commercial buildings). In 2002 Gautam partners were closed.

In 2004 bill founded the “Pershing square capital management” company with his former business partner Leucadia national. He invested $54 million from his funds. In 2005 Pershing square capital management bought a certain amount of shares in Wendy’s International. Bil pressured Wendy’s International to sell its Tim Horton’s Inc. chain (a multinational fast-food restaurant chain). In 2006 Wendy’s spinoff Tim Hortons through a price 2006 and raised $670 million for its investors. Later the company failed and the stock price collapsed. Bill was blamed for his poor performance as a CEO. 

In 2007, he bought a 10% stake in Target corporation, and in 2010 he bought a 38% stake in borders group. 

In 2012, Pershing square capital management launched a new fund called Pershing square holdings. Bill is the largest shareholder of JC Penney, he purchased 18% of JCPenney’s stocks or 39 million shares paying an average of $22 per share. 

Bill Ackman has produced several movies like “Althea”, “Smash His Camera”, “Music of Strangers”.

In 2012, it held a $1 billion short against Herbalife. Bill called Herbalife a pyramid scheme that has a multi-level marketing business model, causing a drop in the stock price of Herbalife. All his activities and efforts were documented in a documentary film called “Betting on zero”.

In 2020, the stock market crash due to the covid 19 bill’s hedge fund was very effective and generated approx $2.6 billion in one month. He is one of the greatest philanthropists in the world, to date, Bill Ackman has donated more than $1.5 billion.

Personal life

In 1994 Bill married Karen Ann Herskovitz, they have three children Eloise, Lucy, Liza. According to a report, the couple got separated in  2016.

In 2019, Bill married Neri Oxman, and by the end of 2019, they had their first child.

Awards and Achievements

According to Forbes in 2016 bill, Ackman was ranked 256 on the Forbes 400 list of the world’s richest men. Bill Ackman is amongst the top 50 philanthropists in the world.


Gotham partners had made a profit from $3 million to $300 million. Bill Ackman made his fortune as a portfolio manager. Bill is one of the most popular investors and portfolio managers of Wall Street.

Bill Ackman’s net worth is $2 billion. 

One of the most famous quotes is “Let me win? That doesn’t exist in my house. No one lets anyone win. Fight to the death”

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