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George Lucas Net Worth 2021, Income, Kids

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Celebrity Name:George Lucas
Real Name:George Walton Lucas, Jr.
Date Of Birth:14 May, 1944
Age:77 years old
Country of origin:Modesto, California, United States
Profession:Entrepreneur, Director
Marital Status:Married
Net Worth in 2021:$10 Billion

George Lucas Net Worth

George Lucas is an American Filmmaker, entrepreneur, screenwriter, producer, philanthropist. Movies like the Indiana Jones franchise and the Star Wars were directed by George Lucas. He is one of the best and most successful directors of all time. He was the chairman and founder of Lucas Films. 

George Lucas’s net worth is $10 Billion.

George Lucas’s net worth makes him one of the richest celebrities, directors, and richest men in the entertainment industry. 

He signed the “Giving Pledge”, which means he intends to donate at least half of his wealth to the charity at the time of his death.

Early life

George Lucas’s real name is George Walton Lucas Jr. He was born on 14th May 1944, in Modesto, California, to George Walton Lucas Sr. and Dorothy Ellinore. When he was a child he was interested in science fiction and comics. 

Lucas’s father had a stationery shop and his father wanted to work with him when he turned 18. But Lucas had other plans, when he was 18 years old, he decided to leave his home and he declared that he would be a millionaire by the age of 30. He attained Modesto Junior College. He studied professional filmmaking. He started filming car races with an 8 mm camera. John Plummer(Lucas’s friend) recommended that he join the University Of Southern California, where he met Steven Spielberg where they both collaborated for the Indiana Jones franchise. 

Lucas was highly inspired by Slavko Vorkapic (dean of USC film department), he taught Lucas cinematic art forms, how to emphasize the energy inherent in motion pictures, and all the non-narrative elements of film form like time, colors, light, and many other things.

In 1967, George Lucas graduated from the University of Southern California with a bachelor’s in fine arts degree.


After completing his graduation, he enlisted in the Army for military services, but he was excluded from the service due to high blood sugar levels.

In 1969, Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola started a production company “American Zoetrope”; this production company was not successful, so Lucas decided to start his own production house “Lucas Film”. He directed the first film under his production American graffiti

In 1977, he produced and released Star Wars, it was a super hit and the highest-grossing film of all time. Later these movies were distributed by 20th Century Fox. The Star Wars franchise earned more than $12 billion to date. Lucas also collaborated with John Williams for the Star Wars soundtrack album.

In October 2012, Lucas signed a deal with Disney to sell his entire Lucas Films for $4.1 billion. He received $2.21 billion in cash and 37 million shares worth $1.85 billion (as of 2021 $7.5 billion). Lucas earns $64 million (approx)  every year as dividend income. due to this George Lucas’s net worth increased rapidly.

Apart from Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises Lucas has produced, directed, and wrote several movies such as the Land Before Times, Body Heat, Labyrinth, THX 1138, Kagemusha, Battle of Endor, a Caravan of Courage, Howard the Duck, Radioland murders, Willow and many more.

Personal life

In the 1980’s Lucas was in a relationship with Linda Ronstadt. Lucas began dating Mellody Hobson (president Ariel Investment) they married in June 2013, they have one daughter, born via Surrogacy. Lucas married Marcia Lou Griffin (film editor who won an Academy Award). They adopted three children Amanda Lucas, Katie Lucas, and Jett Lucas, all three children appeared in the Star Wars prequel. They got separated in 1983. 

Awards and Achievements

George Lucas is one of the greatest film directors in the world, he has won many awards in his career. He won 1 Evening standard Award, 2 Saturn Awards, 3 Hugo Awards, 1 Golden Raspberry Awards, 1 Empire Award. 

He won a lifetime achievement award from the American film institute

In July 2013, Lucas was honored with the National Medal Of Arts by President Barack Obama.

In October 2014, he received honorary membership of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers and was inducted as a Disney Legend.


His production company earned millions of dollars from licensing of toys, clothing, novelization, games, and franchises. He became a billionaire when he sold his Lucas Films Ltd. to Disney for $4 billion. He sold his Pixar Studio to Steve Jobs for $5 million. George Lucas also donated more than $200 million to date.

George Lucas has a 6000-acre Skywalker ranch in California. In 2010 he purchased a beachfront home in California worth $19.5 million. In 2017 he purchased a 9000 sq ft home worth $33.9 million in Bel Air.

George Lucas’s net worth is $10 billion. 

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