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Jesse Itzler Net Worth 2021,Kids,Bio

Jesse Itzler Image
Jesse Itzler Image
Celebrity Name:Jesse Itzler
Real Name:Jesse Eric Itzler
Date Of Birth:22 August 1968
Age:52 years old
Country of origin:Roslyn, New York, United States
Profession:Entrepreneur, Author, Rapper
Marital Status:Married
Net Worth in 2021:$250 Million

Jesse Itzler Net worth

Jesse Itzler is an American rapper, entrepreneur, author, producer. He is the founder of “100 Mile Group”. He is the owner of an NBA’s Atlanta Hawks basketball team. He is the co-founder of Marquis Jet. He is a successful entrepreneur. Jesse is one of the wealthiest rappers in the world.

Jesse Itzler’s net worth is $250 million

Early life

Jesse Itzler’s real name is Jesse Eric Itzler. He was born on 22 August 1968 in Roslyn, New York, United States, to Daniel Itzler and Elise Itzler. He was born to a Jewish family. His father was an inventor and his mother Elise was president of the Roslyn Board of Education. He obtained a bachelor of arts degree from the American University in 1990. Later he studied Justice, Law, and Society. After completing his graduation he went to pursue his passion for music.


Jesse’s music career began when he signed a contract with Delicious Vinyl. He started as a songwriter. His first album released was “Thirty Footer in Your Face”. His first single was, “Shake it Like a White girl”, this song was a big success for Jesse, it reached 74 of 100 on the Billboard chart in 1991. After his first hit, he sang the song like “New York Knicks”, “Go NYC Go”, which gained him recognition around the world. He also wrote 50 songs for professional sports teams. In 2004, his song “Shake It Like A White Girl” was featured in a movie “White Chick”.

Being a good rapper is not enough, he started investing in different startups to grow his money. Jesse and his friend started a record company “Alphabet City Sports Records”.In 1998, he sold his record company to SFX for $4 million and a percentage of future earnings. He also owned a private jet company “Marquis Jet”.He was the chairman of that company, later the company was acquired by “NetJets”. Marquis Jets earned more than $5 billion within 9 years. He ran a marathon to promote ZICO coconut water. With the help of Jesse Itzler Zico, waters gained recognition in the market. He co-founded many companies and endorsed many brands that help him to achieve wealth and fame.

Jesse loved sports and was a big basketball fan. In 2015 he purchased Atlanta Hawks for $850 million.

In 2015, he published a  book “Living with a Seal: 31 Days Traning With The Toughest Man”. The book was among the New York Times Best Seller. 

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Personal life

Jesse Itzler met Sara Blakely for the first time at a Poker Tournament. They became friends and after several months they started dating. On 18th October 2008, Jesse married Sara Blakely. The couple has 4 children together. Sara is the founder of Spanx, she is a self-made entrepreneur. Sara Blakely was the 21st richest self-made woman in the world in 2018. She started as door-to-door salespersons. Now her brand is very much famous in the United States and also loved by celebrities. 

Awards and Achievements

Jesse has won many awards in his musical career. He won an Emmy award for the song, “Love This Game”. His book “Living with a Seal” was among new york times bestsellers and got the top spot on the LA Times book list.


Jesse Itzler’s net worth is $250 million. He is a very talented and sharp-minded person. His mindset is what inspires many peoples. He is a successful entrepreneur and innovative person. He co-founded many companies and made millions from them. By the end of 1999, he made his first million. He also makes money from the basketball franchise team “Atlanta Hawks” which he purchased with several businessmen. He lived among monks. This helps him release stress and live a calm and peaceful life. He learned to deal with anxiety and fear. He is the Jake of all trades. Jesse still has a long way to go and I am sure that he will build his net worth. With Sara’s support, he will make it happen. Sara Blakely is the founder of Spanx and a billionaire.

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