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Mr.Beast Net Worth 2021,Bio,Girlfriend,Wiki

Mr. Beast Image
Mr. Beast Image
Celebrity Name:Mr.Beast
Real Name:Jimmy Donaldson
Date Of Birth:7 May 1998
Age:22 years old
Country of origin:Greenville, North Carolina
Profession:Youtuber, Content Creator Philanthropist
Marital Status:Unmarried
Net Worth in 2021:$16 Million

Mr.Beast Net worth

Mr. Beast is a famous American YouTuber, entrepreneur he is well known for his philanthropy. He has gone viral for giving away cash to streamers, homeless people, waitresses, random people.

Mr. Beast is one of the richest YouTubers in the world. He earned most of his money from getting sponsorship from big brands, selling his merchandise, and video monetization. In 2020, he earned $24 million (approx). He reinvests his money in the production of videos.

Mr. Beast net worth is $16 million

Early Life 

Mr. Beast’s real name is Jimmy Donaldson. Jimmy was born on 7 May 1998 in Greenville, North Carolina. Jimmy was raised by his mother and spent his childhood with his brother CJ Donaldson. In 2016, Beast graduated from Greenville Christan Academy. Later he dropped out of college to pursue his youtube career. When Jimmy started his youtube he used to make a dollar every day, he didn’t even have enough money to buy a microphone.

Career and Achievements

Jimmy started his youtube channel when he was 12 years old and the username of his channel was MrBeast6000.Beast got famous after his video “counting to 100,000” went viral, in this video, he was counting to 100,000, this video crossed 21 million views on youtube.

Mr.beast has more than 60 million subscribers on his youtube account, and more than 12 million followers on Instagram. 

Jimmy has donated more than $10 million in charity and also raised millions of dollars for different charities. In 209, Mr beast partnered with Mark Rober(NASA engineer) to create a foundation TeamTrees.TeamTrees foundation’s goal was to raise $20 million by 1 January 2020, the foundation will plant a tree for every dollar raised. In 2020 Mr.Beast partnered with more than 300 restaurants in the United States. Best Burger app was the #1 most popular free app on the App Store in December. Mr. Beast also purchased billboards and radio advertisements to help PewDiePie to get more subscribers than the T series.

He uploads different types of videos on his youtube channel. In a video, he donated $100,000 worth of clothes to homeless people, he tipped his Uber driver, dropping $20,000 out of a drone, Offering people $100,000 to quit their job, Ate the world’s largest pizza slice, Giving a homeless man home, and many other different types of videos. He is very creative and he keeps on testing different things with his youtube channel. Mr. Beast is also known as youtube’s biggest philanthropist.

In 2019 Mr.Beast was nominated for Vlogger of the Year. He won the YouTuber of the year award in 2020. He also won Creator of the year in the same year. 

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Personal Life

Mr.Beast is in a relationship with a Vlogger and content creator Maddy Spidell. They have been dating since 2019. Jimmy met Maddy through Twitter. Once Mr. Beast booked an entire theatre for his girlfriend to watch her favorite movie ‘Frozen 2’. He is very innovative. He studied the youtube algorithm and uploaded content that generates more views. He has a good sense of humor and he also stated that “Me being an idiot is the core part of my video”. Mr. Beast quotes on life “Life isn’t about finding yourself, Life is all about creating yourself“. The reason behind his success is that he wants to see his mother happy and to support her.


Mr.Beast is a very hard-working person. He has gained massive popularity on social media and youtube. As his subscribers are increasing his earnings are also increasing. He earns money through affiliate marketing, video monetization, merchandise sale he has also tied up with many restaurants in the United States and named his venture Beast Burger. He is also the co-creator of TeamTrees.

Mr. Beast’s net worth is $16 million.

As a philanthropist, he has donated a huge amount of money to people, small YouTubers, and raised millions of dollars for charity, and donated many items to homeless people.

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