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Michael Bloomberg Net Worth 2021,Bio,Kids

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Celebrity Name:Michael Bloomberg
Real Name:Michael Rubens Bloomberg
Date Of Birth:14 February 1942
Age:79 years old
Country of origin:Brighton, Massachusetts, United States
Profession:Politician, Businessman, Philanthropist
Marital Status:Married
Net Worth in 2021:$55 million

Michael Bloomberg Net worth

Mike Bloomberg is an American businessman, author, and philanthropist. Mike is well known for being the mayor of New York City many times. He is one of the richest people in the world, he is the 14th richest man in America.

He created most of his wealth through his Bloomberg LP (a financial news and information services media company). Mike also entered the Presidential race in 2020.

Mike Bloomberg Net Worth is $55 billion(approx).

Early Life 

Mike Bloomberg’s real name is Michael Rubens Bloomberg. Mike was born on 14 February 1942 to Willian Henry Bloomberg and Charlotte Rubens Bloomberg in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. His father Willam Bloomberg worked as an accountant for a dairy company and he was also a real estate agent and his mother Charlotte Bloomberg was a housewife and she died in 2011.

Mike belongs to a Jewish family. Mike Grandfather Rabbi Alexander “Elick” Bloomberg was a Polish Jew who was born in Russia and immigrated to the United States. Mike was raised in Massachusetts, he lived in Brookline and Medford.

Michael Bloomberg finished his schooling at Medford high school and graduated from Johns Hopkins University and completed MBA from Harvard Business School. Mike is also a member of Kappa Beta Phi(a secret society made up of high-ranking financial executives).




In 1973, mike joined a wall street investment bank and became a general partner at Salomon Brothers. In 1981, the Salomon brothers were sold to Phirbro Corporation and the new management fired Bloomberg, paying him $10 million for his equity investment in the firm.

Bloomberg used $10 million and designed in-house computerized financial systems that show real-time market data and other analytics. He started a data service company Innovative market systems and he renamed it, Bloomberg L.P. later he also started publishing news named Bloomberg news and other launches such as Bloomberg Radio, Bloomberg message, Bloomberg trade book.

In 2001, Mike left his position as CEO and ran for the mayor of new york city, he was replaced by Lex Fenwickand later by daniel Doctoroff who led the company since 2008. He also became a full-time philanthropist. And in 2014 he returned as CEO of Bloomberg L.P. In 2019 company was having more than 20,000 employees. In 2018 the revenue of the company was $10 billion. In 2019 he resigns as CEO to run for President.


Micheal Bloomberg became Mayor of New York City for the first time on 1 January 2002. Then he was re-elected as mayor of new york city two times in 2005 and 2009.

Mike stated public education was his first term and poverty was his second. When he was mayor he breaks 190 years old tradition and applied a statistical metrics-based management approach in the city and granted commissioners some powers which help them in decision making.

Mike also increased property taxes which results in a $6 billion budget deficit to $3 million surpluses. He also banned smoking indoor places, created a bicycle lane, a pedestrian zone on Time Square. Micheal Bloomberg also signed the Giving Pledge (a campaign to encourage extremely wealthy people to contribute the majority of their wealth for a better cause). To date, he has donated $9.5 million most by any philanthropist.

Bloomberg stated that “I am a big believer in giving it all away and have always said that the best financial planning ends with bouncing the check to the undertaker.”

Personal Life

In 1975, mike married British woman Susan Elizabeth Barbara Brown. They have two daughters Emma and Georgina Bloomberg. Mike and Susan divorced in 1993. Since 2000, He has been with Diana Taylor also known as the first lady of new york city.

Michael Bloomberg wrote an autobiography Bloomberg by Bloomberg

Award and Achievements

Michael Bloomberg is also one of the most influential people in the world and of the most influential philanthropist of all time. Bloomberg has also received a Public Service honorary degree from Tufts University.

In 2014, Queen Elizabeth II appointed Michael Bloomberg an Honorary Knight Commander of the Order of the British empire and this will also benefit the United Kingdom and the US-Uk relation.


In 2019 he was the ninth richest person in the world. His company Bloomberg L.P generates an estimated $10 million in revenue every year. He also owns many estates inside and outside New York City. Mike has mansions in London, Bermuda, Wellington, Florida.

Mike Bloomberg’s net worth is $55 million(approx).

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